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I just returned from my Taiwan trip 6 days ago and I've a few friends requesting for my itinerary.
So, instead of emailing them my itinerary..

I might as well fill up a skeleton itinerary of my trip in this blog and share with everyone who loves Taiwan just like me!

Now... HERE GOES...


18MAR :
TR2922 SIN-TPE 0830-1310
·         Upon arrival Taoyuan Airport, transfer to Jogging Bear Min Su by Taxi (NT1000 per way).
·         Checked in Min Su around 3pm, meet friend to drive up to Yilan for Seafood dinner and prawning.
·         Drive from Taipei to Yilan is about 1hr15min.
·         Dinner at around 5.30pm. (dinner area is just beside prawning area)
·         Prawning for 2hr, ended around 8.45pm.
·         Drive to Luo Dong Night Market to do a bit of shopping and eat local snacks.
·         Drive back to Taipei around 10.30pm, reached Min Su almost 12mn.

·         7.30am – Rise & shine!
·         Depart at 9am via our pre-booked taxi to have breakfast at Yong He Dou Jiang, then continue to Jiu Fen.
·         Drive up to Jiu Fen takes about 1hr, reached around 10.30am.
·         Shopping and lunch at Jiu Fen till 2.30pm.
·         Returned to Min Su to unload shopping loots.
·         Leave Min Su around 4.45pm. Took their Metro to Shih Lin Night Market. (Cost about NT20~25 per pax per way from Xi Men Station to Jian Tan Station)
·         Dinner and shopping at Shih Lin Night Market till around 10pm.

·         8.30am – Rise & shine!
·         Depart around 9.30am to have breakfast at a small stall located below “Airline Inn Hotel”. (3-5min walk from Jogging Bear Min Su) They serve really nice fried chicken toast, carrot cake and ice milk tea!
·         Took Metro to visit Crayon Shinchan Exhibition (Entrance fee NT250 per adult)
(details here : ) – Exhibition till 4th Jun 2014
·         From there, take a cab to visit LINE Exhibition because there is no direct metro to take. (Entrance fee NT250 per adult)
(details here: ) – Exhibition till 27th Apr 2014
·         Returned to Min Su to unload shopping loots and wash up.
·         Dinner at Ximending’s飞天麻辣火锅. It’s about NT330 ~ NT360 per pax. You must attack their seafood and beef!!! The fish is nice~
·         Continue shopping at Ximending Night Market before returning to Min Su.

·         7am – Rise & Shine!
·         Leave  Minsu around 8am for breakfast at the small stall located below “Airlines Inn Hotel”.
·         Booked a mini van to drive up to Taichung departing from Xi Men Station Exit 6 at 9am. You can choose to travel up via high speed rail. We booked the mini van because there is 9 of us, so it is cheaper. The driver will drive us to the places we want to visit for 15hr at NT10000. (From Taipei to Taichung by car is about 2hr 30min)
·         First stop : Carton King at Da Keng (Reached around 11.30am, so we had lunch there.)
·         Second stop : 妖怪村
·         Third stop : Feng Jia Night Market – Reached at about 5.45pm. Dinner and shopping till 9.15pm.
Tip : Feng Jia Night Market’s stuffs are usually cheaper compared to those sold in Taipei. So just buy more from there.

·         8.30am – Rise & Shine!
·         Breakfast at Xi Men Ding – Ah Chung Mee Sua (they open at 10am if I never remember wrongly)
·         Return to Min Su to do last minute packing.
·         11am – Check out.
·         Booked a taxi to transfer to Airport at 11.30am
TR2993 TPE-SIN 1355-1835

Some other places you might want to go which I’ve went previously via Metro;

  1. Take the Metro to TAIPEI MAIN STATION and transfer to DANSHUI LINE (Red line)
  2. Alight at terminal station (About 40min ride) 
  1. Take Metro to JIAN TAN STATION (Danshui Line / Beitou Line)
  2. Go to Exit 2
  3. Walking distance, approximately 5min to arrive night market  
  1. Take Metro to HOU SHAN PI STATION (後山埤)
  2. Go to Exit 1
  3. Walking distance to both locations is about 10-15min 
  1. Take MRT to JIAN NAN STATION (劍南路站)  
  2. If you have time, you can go have a meal at one of their unique restaurant called : Five Cent Drift Wood Restaurant (五角船板)
  1. Take Metro to ZHONG XIAO FU XING STATION (忠孝復興站)
  2. Go to Exit 3
  3. Walking distance about 5min  
  1. Take Metro to ZHONG XIAO FU XING STATION (忠孝復興站)
  2. Go to Exit 2
  3. Walk to SOGO Basement 2 - it's somewhere there

Some food that I personally like and MUST EAT whenever I visit;

Feng Jia night market -肠包小肠 by 管芝霖
(Actually they have a stall in Shih Lin Night Market in Taipei, but somehow this food originates from Taichung)

Luo Dong night market –臭薯条
(Personally I don’t dare to eat smelly tou fu.. but this is quite special cos it is being cut into the size and shape that resembles French Fries! I tried eating smelly tou fu for the first time and i like it!)
In my opinion, the one with Thai Chilli Sauce tastes the best.

Shih Lin night market – Cheesy Potato !!! It is really sinful but it is a MUST TRY! They actually have a stall in Xi Men Ding too, somewhere near KFC. Look out for it;

Another food I will not miss in Shih Lin night market is : 棺材板
It is actually a really thick bread, but they emptied the centre and filled them with creamy soupy meat and vege. You can choose the type of meat, but personally I like the chicken and the pork.

Jiu Fen :  Popiah wrap ice cream! This stall is quite prominent when you walk through Jiu Fen, definitely will be able to spot it. It’s my daughter’s and my personal’s favourite dessert after having a main course in Jiufen.

For my main course in Jiu Fen, I always go to their Beef Noodle stall which is just the first three shops on your right upon entering Jiufen from the 7-11 entrance.
The signboard;

NOTE : If you want to order, please just say “牛肉面”.. then your bowl will consist of beef+noodle+soup.
But if you say “牛肉” then your bowl will only have beef soup base+noodle and no meat at all. LOL!

That’s almost about it.
Enjoy your trip! =)

**Disclaimer : All photos in this post are not mine. All are sourced from the internet as I do not have my own pictures in this computer.**

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fujifilm Instax Share Printer Sp-1

Bought the Fujifilm Instax Share Printer 2 weeks ago, experimented with it and found it really useful.

Firstly you can connect to it using your Smart Phone(Android or iOS), your tablets or iPads.

You just need to download their Instax Share App, available on Apple App Store or Google Play.

A few good points about this app is that, you can print real time, which is the current Date/Time, Temperature, Humidity Etc.

Or you can print your Facebook and Instagram Photos which you can link to the printer using the App.

Or you can print from your Phone's or Tablet's photo album, meaning you can upload/transfer those hi-res photos which you took using your Digital Cameras and upload into your tablets and print out with higher resolutions.

Or you can take photos, edit and print using their templates.

Many kinds of customization available and not only limited to non-edited photos unlike other brands which we had used before. The prints are of the highest Quality and you can print over and over again the same picture which you want to gift to your friends or loved ones.

It uses Instax Films which is easily available in the market. The films are IC sized, you can keep the photo of your loved ones and you in your wallet. Decorate your sketch books with the photos taken with your friends etc etc.

No ink require. Runs on 2 CR2 Batteries or a 5V DC adapter which is sold seperately.
Comes with 2 CR2 Lithium Batteries which approximately can print up to 100pcs.

Best thing is each print only takes 16s!

We are currently selling the service of helping to print the polaroids. Plain types, comes with normal postage, registered mail charges accordingly. You can email to or leave a comment for more details. =)