Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fujifilm Instax Share Printer Sp-1

Bought the Fujifilm Instax Share Printer 2 weeks ago, experimented with it and found it really useful.

Firstly you can connect to it using your Smart Phone(Android or iOS), your tablets or iPads.

You just need to download their Instax Share App, available on Apple App Store or Google Play.

A few good points about this app is that, you can print real time, which is the current Date/Time, Temperature, Humidity Etc.

Or you can print your Facebook and Instagram Photos which you can link to the printer using the App.

Or you can print from your Phone's or Tablet's photo album, meaning you can upload/transfer those hi-res photos which you took using your Digital Cameras and upload into your tablets and print out with higher resolutions.

Or you can take photos, edit and print using their templates.

Many kinds of customization available and not only limited to non-edited photos unlike other brands which we had used before. The prints are of the highest Quality and you can print over and over again the same picture which you want to gift to your friends or loved ones.

It uses Instax Films which is easily available in the market. The films are IC sized, you can keep the photo of your loved ones and you in your wallet. Decorate your sketch books with the photos taken with your friends etc etc.

No ink require. Runs on 2 CR2 Batteries or a 5V DC adapter which is sold seperately.
Comes with 2 CR2 Lithium Batteries which approximately can print up to 100pcs.

Best thing is each print only takes 16s!

We are currently selling the service of helping to print the polaroids. Plain types, comes with normal postage, registered mail charges accordingly. You can email to or leave a comment for more details. =)

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