Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jocelyn & Lennart's Free & Easy Trip to Seoul, Korea 01/11/13 - 06/11/13 : Day 3, Part 1, Meet up with Rachel our Korean tour guide friend & Visit to Hongdae Trick Eye Museum!

Day 2 was kinda slow paced and more of walking around and getting used to the locations around us like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun.

We received a sms from Rachel our Korean tour guide friend in the evening! Ahnyong hasaeyo! haha anyway, she just finished leading a tour group and is free to meet us up these 2 days! Rachel is a very nice and accommodating lady we met in Korea during our last trip with Chan Brothers Travels. She offered to meet us and bring us to Hongdae Trick Eye Museum! Weeeheee! don't need to self-navigate hahaha got local to bring us there.

Had a nice morning coffee and chat with Rachel at one of their nice and cosy cafes along the street of Hongdae. Told Rachel to let us play hosts should her and her boyfriend comes to Singapore!

Ok for those travelling by public transport below is some simple directions for you to find this museum;

Directions to Trick Eye Museum(Hongdae) from Hongik University Station Seoul Subway Line 2

1)Take Seoul Subway Line 2 and alight at Hongik University Station .

2) Exit subway station from Exit 9

3) Go Straight approx 150m, cross the road and turn left onto Hongik-ro Street

4) Go Straight 120m and turn right down the second side street in between TONYMOLY and Holika Holika shop.

5) Continue walking about 100m until you see Trick Eye Museum on the right.

Okay I know it's hard to visualise just by reading the directions sometimes so I've attached a map which I've put in arrows for a better understanding of the location.

I've attached one map with arrows and one without. Happy Trickeyeing!

Rachel with us at the entrance of Trick Eye =)

Here are some preview of what you will get to see and take photos with at Trick Eye Museum.

Looks fun right! =D

After many photos taking at various various scenes at the Museum we decided to have a caricature portrait of both of us done by one of the Artists at the entrance area, our last trip we did a black and white portrait and we told ourselves if we see one this trip we should get it done again haha, nice right!

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