Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the Tag.

Just came home from Plaza Singapura after watching this movie "Painted Skin". Went to watch it cos we got the free tickets so Fanny thought we might as well go watch it rather than wasting it. So.... we are able to catch the last slot that will be screening at 9.50pm.. the show isn't very nice or watever.. just a normal average story. the show ends around 12am and we can't catch the last train.. And today.. the WORST part is.. I forgot my wallet and left it in my office drawer... -___-"

then the WORST WORST WORST (x1000000000000000) part is .... TOMORROW I AM OFF!!! and i have to go back to office to take my wallet... BAH! *frowns*

Ok, last nite i've been tagged by ahmike, a nuffnang blogger as well. So.... here goes ~

1) The age you’ll be on your next birthday

26. (ya, old le. zzz!)

2) A place you’d like to travel to

PARIS! dun ask me why, i just wish to go there since young.

3) Your favorite place


4) Your favorite food

anythings tat is made of... POTATO!

5) Your favorite pet


6) Your favourite colour combination

Black and Red

7) Your favorite piece of clothing


8) Your favorite song

At this very moment is.... Zui Jin by Lee Sheng Jie

9) Your favorite TV show

Chao Ji Xing Guang Da Dao

10) the town in which you live

St.George's Road.

10) Your screen name/nickname


13) Your first job

Sales Assistant in an accessories shop.

14) Your dream job

I just wish that i can get paid while enjoying myself and travel around.

OK! Done with the questions.

I don't know why.. these few days my spine's aching like nobody's business! it might be due to the "time of the month"... and this morning i woke, feeling very very lethargic and giddy. My mum said maybe i got not enough blood.. -_-"

and for the whole day today.. i've been missing melvin.. :(

YA! Blame it on PMS! moodswings ~ DUH!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Don't Like My Bro's GF!

A few weeks back, my mum said, "Ting, your brother's current girlfriend now.. looks like your primary school classmate." Seriously speaking, i got a shock somehow. I don't like that feeling at all. Many will say, "Good what! In this case you do not need to reintroduce yourselves already. Can get along very easily since the both of you are already friends!" But then, this just don't seem to apply to me. I do not know how to find a suitable word to describe it but I just don't like it!

Then, I spoke to another classmate who is rather close to the "suspected" person who might be my bro's girlfriend. She is Celine. When i told Celine this problem, she was having the same thoughts as I do cos she actually experienced this problem before cos her own brother is dating her best friend in the past and she added, "Trust me, I too don't feel good at all. So I can understand how you feel." I don't really know how to put it into words to let everyone understand how it feels but it really feels so so so so wierd when u have to address your own classmate as "sister-in-law" ??? *pouts*

A few days later after i broke this news to Celine, my brother finally brought the female lead home on my off day. And that is the first time I saw her. It was then i felt a moment of relief.


That's the first thing that came into my mind. Really, i'm not joking. But then again, she really does look like my ex classmate. Resemblance percentage up to 90%.

As days went by, my mum and I begin to dislike her more and more. How should I put it.. She has extremely low EQ? Yeah, maybe. She doesn't greet us when she is here. Like saying "Hello" or perhaps a simple "Hey, I'm going down to buy something for dinner, do you need anything?" or "Have you eaten yet?" She didn't even say "BYE" to me or my mother when she leaves! How dumb can she be? She really behaves like this to the extend that my mum actually told me,"Ting, you settle your dinner outside today before you come home from work. Mummy's not going to cook tonight." I asked her why and she replied,"Cos your brother's off today and so she is now coming over to look for your brother. They will be at home the whole day. So I don't want to cook dinner cos I don't like the idea when I still have to cook her share." I smiled and said ok.

That girl is quite pretty to be frank but just that she doesn't carry the "WOW" factor in us to say things like "Hey, this girl is very friendly, helpful and looks obedient. I like her brother. Take good care of her." You get what I mean? *sighs* I really can't imagine how her life would be in this house if one day my brother gets married with her.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nothing to do at work..

Currently in office.. eating snake.. *giggles*

No lah, cos there is no customers.. and the phone isn't ringing as well.. Was on MC yesterday cos my eye got some sorta infection which causes my eye to be really red and painful especially at the inner corners of the eye. PAINFUL INFECTED RIGHT EYE ! Boooo! Juliet saw my eye a bit swollen and red so she asked me to go and see the company doctor to see wat's wrong with it. Then Doctor Lai said that my eye got some inflammation or something.. *sighs*

Feeling better today already, resume work.. It hasn't completely recover yet cos now i will still feel a little pricky pain at the corners when i blink my eyes.. *pouts*

It's been a long long time since i last played mahjong with Julius. the infamous "old thousand".. LOL! He brought along Zhenting and another infamous Tan Lak Tong (waiting for 6 circles) hahahahaha!!!! Yea ! that's his name! But then in chinese is Le Tong lah.. not Liu Tong. :p played overnight mahjong with them and i'm on lucky streak tat nite ! Won $250 in total. *grins*

Alright! Gotta get back to work liao! Cheerios ~

Friday, September 5, 2008

my feelings..

sad, disappointed, angry, frustrated are some of the few words that can describe how mixed up my feelings are today. do not wanna mention in detail of wat happened that causes me to have all these feelings at one shot. all i can do is go home and cry alone to vent all the anger and unhappiness out.

was waiting for something for the whole day today.. in the end ? waited in vain. *sighs*

celebrated candise's birthday today. went out to china square which initially i didn't even noe this place actually existed (yes i noe i am a direction idiot).. went there to look for Han's.. to buy the birthday cake for candise and end up spent my lunch hour searching for the cake and haven't ate anything since morning. With no other choice, i bought two buns from Han's and rush back to office and hide in the pantry to finish my b'fast+lunch.

Suddenly feel like drinking.. wish to get drunk so tat i can numb my heart for a while.. numb it so that i won't feel tat pain for a while.. did asked fanny in the afternoon to see if she wants to go drink at nite. and she tot i was joking.. but well, nvm.. i shall try my very best to put myself to sleep.

i suddenly felt that i'm like a helpless plant being pulled up by the roots and unable to grow anymore.. i also felt as though there is nobody to catch me again when i fall.. it feels so much like the past. i don't want this feeling.. I really don't want it! what's happening to me ?!!! i'm like going crazy! BAH ! i hate myself ! i hate everything!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet Dave!

Off again today and i still didn't realise it's the september school holidays already! so decided to bring little angel to catch a movie.. brought her to watch "Meet Dave".

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