Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the Tag.

Just came home from Plaza Singapura after watching this movie "Painted Skin". Went to watch it cos we got the free tickets so Fanny thought we might as well go watch it rather than wasting it. So.... we are able to catch the last slot that will be screening at 9.50pm.. the show isn't very nice or watever.. just a normal average story. the show ends around 12am and we can't catch the last train.. And today.. the WORST part is.. I forgot my wallet and left it in my office drawer... -___-"

then the WORST WORST WORST (x1000000000000000) part is .... TOMORROW I AM OFF!!! and i have to go back to office to take my wallet... BAH! *frowns*

Ok, last nite i've been tagged by ahmike, a nuffnang blogger as well. So.... here goes ~

1) The age you’ll be on your next birthday

26. (ya, old le. zzz!)

2) A place you’d like to travel to

PARIS! dun ask me why, i just wish to go there since young.

3) Your favorite place


4) Your favorite food

anythings tat is made of... POTATO!

5) Your favorite pet


6) Your favourite colour combination

Black and Red

7) Your favorite piece of clothing


8) Your favorite song

At this very moment is.... Zui Jin by Lee Sheng Jie

9) Your favorite TV show

Chao Ji Xing Guang Da Dao

10) the town in which you live

St.George's Road.

10) Your screen name/nickname


13) Your first job

Sales Assistant in an accessories shop.

14) Your dream job

I just wish that i can get paid while enjoying myself and travel around.

OK! Done with the questions.

I don't know why.. these few days my spine's aching like nobody's business! it might be due to the "time of the month"... and this morning i woke, feeling very very lethargic and giddy. My mum said maybe i got not enough blood.. -_-"

and for the whole day today.. i've been missing melvin.. :(

YA! Blame it on PMS! moodswings ~ DUH!

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