Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Don't Like My Bro's GF!

A few weeks back, my mum said, "Ting, your brother's current girlfriend now.. looks like your primary school classmate." Seriously speaking, i got a shock somehow. I don't like that feeling at all. Many will say, "Good what! In this case you do not need to reintroduce yourselves already. Can get along very easily since the both of you are already friends!" But then, this just don't seem to apply to me. I do not know how to find a suitable word to describe it but I just don't like it!

Then, I spoke to another classmate who is rather close to the "suspected" person who might be my bro's girlfriend. She is Celine. When i told Celine this problem, she was having the same thoughts as I do cos she actually experienced this problem before cos her own brother is dating her best friend in the past and she added, "Trust me, I too don't feel good at all. So I can understand how you feel." I don't really know how to put it into words to let everyone understand how it feels but it really feels so so so so wierd when u have to address your own classmate as "sister-in-law" ??? *pouts*

A few days later after i broke this news to Celine, my brother finally brought the female lead home on my off day. And that is the first time I saw her. It was then i felt a moment of relief.


That's the first thing that came into my mind. Really, i'm not joking. But then again, she really does look like my ex classmate. Resemblance percentage up to 90%.

As days went by, my mum and I begin to dislike her more and more. How should I put it.. She has extremely low EQ? Yeah, maybe. She doesn't greet us when she is here. Like saying "Hello" or perhaps a simple "Hey, I'm going down to buy something for dinner, do you need anything?" or "Have you eaten yet?" She didn't even say "BYE" to me or my mother when she leaves! How dumb can she be? She really behaves like this to the extend that my mum actually told me,"Ting, you settle your dinner outside today before you come home from work. Mummy's not going to cook tonight." I asked her why and she replied,"Cos your brother's off today and so she is now coming over to look for your brother. They will be at home the whole day. So I don't want to cook dinner cos I don't like the idea when I still have to cook her share." I smiled and said ok.

That girl is quite pretty to be frank but just that she doesn't carry the "WOW" factor in us to say things like "Hey, this girl is very friendly, helpful and looks obedient. I like her brother. Take good care of her." You get what I mean? *sighs* I really can't imagine how her life would be in this house if one day my brother gets married with her.

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