Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nothing to do at work..

Currently in office.. eating snake.. *giggles*

No lah, cos there is no customers.. and the phone isn't ringing as well.. Was on MC yesterday cos my eye got some sorta infection which causes my eye to be really red and painful especially at the inner corners of the eye. PAINFUL INFECTED RIGHT EYE ! Boooo! Juliet saw my eye a bit swollen and red so she asked me to go and see the company doctor to see wat's wrong with it. Then Doctor Lai said that my eye got some inflammation or something.. *sighs*

Feeling better today already, resume work.. It hasn't completely recover yet cos now i will still feel a little pricky pain at the corners when i blink my eyes.. *pouts*

It's been a long long time since i last played mahjong with Julius. the infamous "old thousand".. LOL! He brought along Zhenting and another infamous Tan Lak Tong (waiting for 6 circles) hahahahaha!!!! Yea ! that's his name! But then in chinese is Le Tong lah.. not Liu Tong. :p played overnight mahjong with them and i'm on lucky streak tat nite ! Won $250 in total. *grins*

Alright! Gotta get back to work liao! Cheerios ~

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