Friday, December 3, 2010

irritating flight passengers..

sometimes when u're travelling or taking a flight alone,
will you think or worry who will be the one sitting beside you?

will it be someone noisy?
will it be someone irritating?
will it be someone being a public nuisance?
will it be someone very troublesome?
or stuffs like tat..

i've met a few inconsiderate ones already.

let's take my latest trip to korea for example.

it is during my flight returning back to singapore.
this indian fella..
he maciam nv take aeroplane before la!
he don't know how to find his seat.

i still remember very clearly i am sitting at 35C.
it is along the aisle, the one inside is the window seat which is 35A.

and this indian fella, is sitting at 34C, which makes his seat right in front of mine.
he walked in front of me and walk to 37 almost 38 to get the air stewardess to tell him where his seat is.
"Eh Eh Eh ! where is 34C?"
The malay stewardess pointed the seat to him and he turned around, walking towards my direction and pushed his way through when i was trying to put my bag into the cabinet on top of our seats.. ZZZZZ!!

pushed his way through already .. he settle down at 34A. (yes, he took that window seat which doesn't belong to him)
he sat down, took out his handphone and started to dial and chat away with his friend.
in less than 5min, a korean walked in.
This korean is supposed to take 34A but this indian fella is sitting on it.
So he tapped lightly at his shoulder and said tat seat belongs to him.

the indian took out his boarding pass and pointed to the korean,
"My seat is 34C! what is wrong with you?"

the korean air stewardess walked over and said that 34C is the one outside and not the window seat.


i was laughing in my heart when i see him shifting his butt over looking pissy ~
he shifted over and continued to chat on his phone.

the flight announcement then said that all electronic devices are suppose to switch off cos the flight is taking off soon.

tat indian fella is still chatting away,
yapping yapping and yapping!
super noisy..

the malay air stewardess walked over to that indian's direction.

stewardess : sir, please switch off your hp immediately, we are about to take off.
indian : *nods his head and continues his conversation but in a faster tone*
stewardess : sir, switch if off now, IT IS URGENT!
indian : *talking to the phone* ok ok ok bye bye bye bye bye! *toooot* -hp off-

i can imagine that malay stewardess walks off, she must have rolled her eyes upwards lah!
hahahahaha !!

you think this ended the story?

that's not all..

when the steward walked over to serve some drinks..
the indian said, "what do you have?"

and so, the angelic looking korean stewardess slowly tells him roughly what is there.
then, the indian said.. "give me a cup of orange juice, one coke and one red wine"

one shot take 3 cups lor!
maciam scared he never drink enough will waste his ticket fare onboard.

when the steward walked pass him once,

buay tahan him.

an hour later,
our meals is served.

there are 2 different menu onboard.

Option 1 : Beef + Rice
Option 2 : Chicken + Bake Potatoes

then.. this indian fella chose Option 2 (because he cannot take beef) whereas the korean guy sitting beside him chose Option 1.


this indian fella saw what the korean guy beside him is eating, he calls out for the stewardess who is like 6 seats away from him.

the korean stewardess quickly ran over thinking what happened.

the indian fella said,
"can i have some rice please?"

the korea stewardess gave him a very puzzled look.
the malay stewardess came to the rescue!
she told the korean girl that she will handle him and eye signaling her to go away.

indian : i am asking if i can have some rice please.
malay : but sir, you chose chicken. it comes with potatoes.
indian : i noe, but now i just want rice only.
malay : sir, if u wan rice then i will have to bring the other set with the beef then inside will have the rice. you wan?
indian : you all never prepare just rice only? why mix them together? next time u all should prepare a bit of rice only in case people feels hungry again.

i almost choked on my food when i heard what he said!

an hour passed again..
the air stewardess walked out to serve drinks for us.

this time..

indian : i wan cola and black label.
malay : sorry we don't serve black label here. if you wan i can give u red wine.
indian : *sighs* ok. then give me cola and 2 red wine.
malay : *looks as if she is cursing and swearing deep in her heart and pours the drinks for that idiot*

Have you met anyone worse than mine?