Sunday, November 16, 2008

Work's getting boring..

work nowadays is getting more and more boring.. Nothing really seems to interest me at work. the tension a few days ago is slowly going away and getting back to normal already, which is a good sign of cos. *smiles*

Feeling seriously bloated now after the heavy dinner I had with Jerina along with Ann and Huiling. Ate in a china restaurant which the 2 playful girls recommended. Food is so-so only but worth trying out if u haven't had it before. And now... i still got this feeling of puking, thanks to tat JERKY cab i took just now. the feeling now is like the food's high at my throat level unable to go down tat digestive system. it's horrible...

Played viwawa to keep myself awake last nite while waiting for melvin to come. Then.. ended up he can't leave early and I really can't take it liao so i told him tat i go and slp first. Sleep until 4.30am and he finally got home, smell of liquor somemore.. *frowns*


Some *fucktards appeared in office today.. THEY JUST DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND SIMPLE ENGLISH!!!!!!! already told them that helping them to REQUEST for the rooms or beds DOESN'T MEAN that it is CONFIRM! request means request. it is always subject to availability! request doesn't means it is a MUST HAVE! the father behaves like tat, the mother behaves like tat and the son is like tat TOO! fucking hell ~! these people just dunno how to give and take.. so what if his request for one queen size bed is not available ?? at most sleep seperately rite? or so wat if the son's request for 2 single beds with his guy friend is not available? at most sleep together on a queen size bed lor.. it doesn't mean two guys sleeping on the same bed must have sex or being categorise as GAY wat... no matter how many countless times i tried explaining to them that the hotel rooming and beds is not within our control.. they will only be able to double request again upon hotel check in. the fact just won't get into their pea brains! and i explain until i really feel like stabbing all of them to death! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

*fucktards : for those focal ladies who doesn't know what this word mean.. it is actually a word which i thought of myself ... Fucker + Retard = Fucktard. (by the way, i tink i'm the most vulgar in office among all the girls, so pardon me. u will get used to it.)


Fanny's gonna lead tour to ChiangMai and Chiangrai this coming 18th. Hope she will be able to enjoy it.. I wonder what will she buy for me there? HAHAHA! Anyway, hope that everything goes smoothly for her throughout trip without any hiccups bah.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Madagascar 2 + Office Happenings

Yeap, brought my mum and my daughter to watch this movie today at Vivo City. As there were free tickets given by Thai Airways to my company and Mdm Low gave 3 tickets to me asking me to bring my little ones to go watch it since it's my off day today. Met Christine there as she got another 2 tickets and she brought along her boyfriend. And she calls her boyfriend as "BOYFRIEND" -_____-" This is the first time i heard pple calling the boyfriend as boyfriend. LOL!

Well, first of all.. i must say.. this show is a total disappointment! Didn't really like the show even though there are some funny moments in between. Although it's a cartoon but it didn't even manage to catch my little girl's heart to watch the show. My angel didn't enjoy the show too. *sighs* My mum also told me that she's about to dose off in the theatres.

If u asked me to rate it... out of 10 points, i will only give it a 2.5 for the funny moments only.

These few days, alot of unhappy moments, quarrels, misunderstandings are going on back to back in office. The whole atmosphere seems so tensed up. What makes the whole thing worse on top of that is the sales keep dropping and dropping..

I've seen too many crying moments in just the past two weeks happening in office. Juliet, Christine, Karen and even myself. I hope all these will end very soon.

Jerina and I talked on msn at night after all these incidents. We shared our opinions on all these recent incidents. I believe almost everyone will not be able to think properly whenever they are very angry and due to this emotion that gets the better of us, we might also say out things that aren't supposed to. They will only be able to think after they've cooled down and perhaps say, "Eh, I shouldn't said that to her just now. I should have remained calm." or things like tat. You get what i mean?

Anyways, to dear whichever-focal-girls, who are reading this, let's forgive and forget. Only will we be able to learn after mistakes are made, right? At the very end, we are still one family. So whatever happened today, throw all the unhappiness behind u and put a smile on ur beautiful faces and go to office the next day alright? let's jia you! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

sweet feeling~ new look!

YAY! finally finish doing up a new look for my blog. As i know nuts about html, so I took a very very long time to figure out how to put the pictures and align them in place. And then, this is the best that i can do.

Well, i know it might not be very nice or wat, but i am already very proud of myself to be able to get this kinda results. :D

Another reason i like it is becos the picture is designed by my husband when we just started a relationship. *blushes* I manage to find this picture hiding in one of my folders just now and decided to try to set it inside my blog. and this is the finished look after figuring how to go about it for nearly 3hr in front of my laptop. :p

So how does it look ? Background's white cos my hubby love's white. I'm using it cos i love him! bwahahahaha ~

As some of u might know, i've bought a new phone a few days ago.. So i gave my previous phone Sony Ericsson K810i to my daughter. Bought a Starhub top up cards for her to use. Yesterday night spend just a little while to teach her how to save numbers and send sms. I taught her how to use the dictionary function in the texting part and she picked up quite fast. Seeing her smiling happy with her new play thing and trying to type a "dummy" sms to try out and send to me makes my heart feel a touch of sweetness. I can see that she feels really excited over the phone.

This noon, I was quite busy in office. Crowd starting flood the office after lunch hour. then, suddenly my phone rang with a new sms. Opened up the message box and began reading it, "Ma, I'm going for a swim with my friend. Will be home at about 7-8pm."

It may sound rather normal to most of you but.... it doesn't really apply to me~ at first, i felt a little weird... and trying to adjust my mind telling myself "YES! this is my own daughter sending me an sms!" .. to this point, maybe u will ask, "why would you feel tat way? what's wrong??"

Ok, let me tell you what's wrong... Cos i've never received an sms sent out by my daughter before! LOL~~ ya, this is the first time i read an sms sent out by her. So erm... i really dunno how to explain it in words but it somehow really feels funny. i really went "Huh?" when i read the first word "Ma". Well, that is if u can understand how i feel. *laughs*

Friday, November 7, 2008

problems at work..

Work has been rather dull and boring these days.. sales not as good compared to a month before. *sighs*

Went to have lunch with clement today and suddenly our conversation is about "Work Politics". He talked to me about this issue as there are some problems among us (the counter staffs) recently. Problems like.. backstabbing, unhelpful, inconsiderate, selfish, etc.

Well, frankly speaking, i'm feeling rather emotional while typing this entry.. Hmm.. feeling a little angry.. frustrated.. disappointed.. and i really feel like punching someone RIGHT IN THE FACE! Yeah, that's what i feel like doing right now to vent my frustrations. *SCREAMS*

Something happened to me just now before i knock off from work. I just don't understand why tat person just like to act so selfishly. Taking that kinda salary but don't wanna do her part properly. I really feel so disgusted with what she said to me. PISSES ME OFF!

Do not wish to blog it out in detail as there might be some colleagues reading this entry and it might cause some misunderstanding or unhappiness between us. you won't know the person you trust most might be the selfish bastard who is trying to destroy you from behind. there are bound to be some hypocrites lying down somewhere in the corner around the office. you get what i mean? right now, I just want to blog out my feelings so that i will be able to forget about what happened just now. Just like wat clement said to me.. "One must be broad hearted, just forgive and forget." I listened to him cos i knew him for quite a long time liao. So my own theory is.. "One must be able to forgive and forget in order to walk a smoother path that lies ahead of you. Once the path is smooth, there will be nothing to trip you fall and then, u will always be one step closer and faster to success." right?


Ok, forget about those unhappy things already.

Went to buy my Sony Ericsson C902 on wednesday. YAY!!! *beams from ear to ear* signed a 2yr contract and the phone is for $298, but i've got a $100 voucher so i'm paying my phone for only $198 ~ weeeeeeeeeets! Starting to fall in love with the phone's camera functions (yes i know, i'm a cam whore) especially the "Best Pic" function. haha !

I wish tomorrow will be better...