Saturday, November 8, 2008

sweet feeling~ new look!

YAY! finally finish doing up a new look for my blog. As i know nuts about html, so I took a very very long time to figure out how to put the pictures and align them in place. And then, this is the best that i can do.

Well, i know it might not be very nice or wat, but i am already very proud of myself to be able to get this kinda results. :D

Another reason i like it is becos the picture is designed by my husband when we just started a relationship. *blushes* I manage to find this picture hiding in one of my folders just now and decided to try to set it inside my blog. and this is the finished look after figuring how to go about it for nearly 3hr in front of my laptop. :p

So how does it look ? Background's white cos my hubby love's white. I'm using it cos i love him! bwahahahaha ~

As some of u might know, i've bought a new phone a few days ago.. So i gave my previous phone Sony Ericsson K810i to my daughter. Bought a Starhub top up cards for her to use. Yesterday night spend just a little while to teach her how to save numbers and send sms. I taught her how to use the dictionary function in the texting part and she picked up quite fast. Seeing her smiling happy with her new play thing and trying to type a "dummy" sms to try out and send to me makes my heart feel a touch of sweetness. I can see that she feels really excited over the phone.

This noon, I was quite busy in office. Crowd starting flood the office after lunch hour. then, suddenly my phone rang with a new sms. Opened up the message box and began reading it, "Ma, I'm going for a swim with my friend. Will be home at about 7-8pm."

It may sound rather normal to most of you but.... it doesn't really apply to me~ at first, i felt a little weird... and trying to adjust my mind telling myself "YES! this is my own daughter sending me an sms!" .. to this point, maybe u will ask, "why would you feel tat way? what's wrong??"

Ok, let me tell you what's wrong... Cos i've never received an sms sent out by my daughter before! LOL~~ ya, this is the first time i read an sms sent out by her. So erm... i really dunno how to explain it in words but it somehow really feels funny. i really went "Huh?" when i read the first word "Ma". Well, that is if u can understand how i feel. *laughs*


Umma said...

Hello Jocelyn, nice blog in here, very clean and neat. Great job my dear.

Jocelyn said...

thanks umma! :D

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

very cute daughter + mama.. haha..

eh hem.. wait ur daughter grow up intro to me.. LOL jkjkjk haha.. i become ah pek liao that time.. haha

Sabien said...

I cant believe u hv a daughter i tot u are still single coz u look young!.. anyway she is so sweet and cute!! :p
nice blog.. seems like u love anime alot!! :p

Jocelyn said...

haha !! thanks Sabien. I enjoy watching naruto and bleach :p