Thursday, November 13, 2008

Madagascar 2 + Office Happenings

Yeap, brought my mum and my daughter to watch this movie today at Vivo City. As there were free tickets given by Thai Airways to my company and Mdm Low gave 3 tickets to me asking me to bring my little ones to go watch it since it's my off day today. Met Christine there as she got another 2 tickets and she brought along her boyfriend. And she calls her boyfriend as "BOYFRIEND" -_____-" This is the first time i heard pple calling the boyfriend as boyfriend. LOL!

Well, first of all.. i must say.. this show is a total disappointment! Didn't really like the show even though there are some funny moments in between. Although it's a cartoon but it didn't even manage to catch my little girl's heart to watch the show. My angel didn't enjoy the show too. *sighs* My mum also told me that she's about to dose off in the theatres.

If u asked me to rate it... out of 10 points, i will only give it a 2.5 for the funny moments only.

These few days, alot of unhappy moments, quarrels, misunderstandings are going on back to back in office. The whole atmosphere seems so tensed up. What makes the whole thing worse on top of that is the sales keep dropping and dropping..

I've seen too many crying moments in just the past two weeks happening in office. Juliet, Christine, Karen and even myself. I hope all these will end very soon.

Jerina and I talked on msn at night after all these incidents. We shared our opinions on all these recent incidents. I believe almost everyone will not be able to think properly whenever they are very angry and due to this emotion that gets the better of us, we might also say out things that aren't supposed to. They will only be able to think after they've cooled down and perhaps say, "Eh, I shouldn't said that to her just now. I should have remained calm." or things like tat. You get what i mean?

Anyways, to dear whichever-focal-girls, who are reading this, let's forgive and forget. Only will we be able to learn after mistakes are made, right? At the very end, we are still one family. So whatever happened today, throw all the unhappiness behind u and put a smile on ur beautiful faces and go to office the next day alright? let's jia you! :)


shawnn loo said...

^_^, this movie I like, but i will watch JamesBond 1st then this 1, haha....

but since u said no good.. then I give up watch lar.. :-p

Jocelyn said...

hahaha !! its up to individual taste lah.. my fren also say not nice. my daughter also dun like it...

btw, my manager watched james bond and said not very nice wor.. =x

means u both show also give up ? LOL!!

Kevin said...

well, movie sequels are usually not as good as the first one. Look at Spiderman, Transporter, Superman and so on..

Jocelyn said...

Kevin : now that u've mention.. I kinda agree to it too.