Monday, March 8, 2010


i saw this couple when i was taking a train home.

that insensitive guy made a casual remark which i tink perhaps he didn't really mean it and somehow created a spark and the quarrel started.

what happen was.. the girlfriend bought something (it was in her bag so i didn't not what it is..)
she opened her bag and showed it to the boyfriend.
I think she was expecting some nice words from him but end up the guy said...
"oh, this one my ex girlfriend also buy for me before."

*smacks forehead*

i was thinking... HELLO?!! this girl here is buying u gifts..
just say a simple THANK YOU or DEAR I LOVE IT or a simple expression YEAH!! and i think it will still make her day and feel appreciated isn't it?
and yeap, the girlfriend got pissy and started to quarrel with him all the way till i got off the train..

I've encounter some other similar cases or even experience it myself before.

Some scenarios like..

The girl likes a certain color.. the guy just say "Hey, my ex used to like this color very much too! she will choose and buy anything in that color all the time!"
you get what i mean? lol !! I like means i like, ur ex like is ur ex like lah ~ what has it gotta do with me?!

another scenario is...

the girl : "dar dar ~"
the guy : "can u call me other things like.. baby ... or dear dear.. or beebee or other things lah. my ex last time always call me dar dar i listen until sian liao"

LOOK! if it's you, how would you feel? LOL

do u have anything to share?
anything tat ur partner did and tells u .."my EX LAST TIME ALSO LIKE TAT LEH ~~~"