Friday, April 23, 2010

Complain Email to Comfort City Cab.

my friend in facebook says:
"typical singaporeans, only know how to act blur"


cos i said i waited at the queue and the taxi driver pick up passengers not in the queue right in front of me and when i look at them in the vehicle, they all gave me a blur look with "EH?! there is a taxi stand here meh?"

ok, never mind.

but i also told my facebook friend:
"typical singaporeans are also commonly known as Complain King/Queen"

and that is why now, the driver act blur to me, and i am writing in to..

check out the email i sent to Comfort City Cab ( and also cc-ed to Land Transport Authority "LTA" (

from Jocelyn Li
date Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 9:42 PM
subject Feedback on SHA8241T and Call Centre Staffs.

To Whom It May Concern.

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Please take some time to read on an incident happened on 23 April 2010 evening at about 8.30pm to 9pm that I am going to write for your kind perusal below.

I would like to express my frustration and disappointment on this cab driver (CITY CAB) with car plate number SHA8241T. I was waiting for a cab since 8.30pm at City Square Mall taxi stand, I was already first in the queue so which cab comes will be my turn to board it. However, cab SHA8241T drove in and dropped off a few passengers one door before the queue and picked up 2 malay ladies at the drop off point!! I went out of the door standing there, waiting for him to pick the rightful passengers at the queue and he simply ignored and drove off.

I was flustered as I've waited for 30min already. So, i called the 65521111 to book a taxi and at the same time i asked the guy what is the number to call if i wish to complain. He hold the line for a few seconds and gave me the number 65524522. While waiting for the taxi number for my booking, i told my partner to call 65524522 and the call was made at 9pm. Despite waiting for a few minutes even after i got my taxi number, no one picks up at 65524522 that was called at 9pm.

I then called 65521111 again and this time round it was a lady who picks up. She sounded rather rude and said that she will transfer me to the feedback department. I was put on hold and waited. Can you imagine the same thing happens? YES! NO ONE ANSWERED! I got off the cab, took a lift, walked to my door, open the door, turn on my computer, typed this email and i am still holding on for someone to pick up my call.

How "efficient" is that?

I hope the management can do something about it and give me a reply regarding the above mentioned matter.

Is there any compensation for the unhappy, time wasting and disappointing experience i've encountered with your driver and call centre staffs?

Your quick reply will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Jocelyn Li

I'm kinda curious what are they gonna reply me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random Rants..

human are complicated creatures especially when it comes to their thoughts.
you won't know what one is thinking.
not even if they tell you what is in their mind.
cos they might be lying too.

many a times their thoughts contradict themselves.
they will still DO it when their heart tells them DON'T.

there are also times when u have it, you don't cherish it.
but when u lose it, you will regret it.

I've been feeling rather...
but not to those super sad kinda extent.
not exactly in the mood.

i seem to have alot of things in my mind to blog about..
to blog about how i'm feeling now..
what i am thinking now..
why am i feeling this way..
what makes me feel like this..
and many many more..
i do not know where to start..

feel like i'm gonna break down anytime.

a complicated creature and also pretty hard to please most of the time.

can somebody please..
tell me what to do.