Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random Rants..

human are complicated creatures especially when it comes to their thoughts.
you won't know what one is thinking.
not even if they tell you what is in their mind.
cos they might be lying too.

many a times their thoughts contradict themselves.
they will still DO it when their heart tells them DON'T.

there are also times when u have it, you don't cherish it.
but when u lose it, you will regret it.

I've been feeling rather...
but not to those super sad kinda extent.
not exactly in the mood.

i seem to have alot of things in my mind to blog about..
to blog about how i'm feeling now..
what i am thinking now..
why am i feeling this way..
what makes me feel like this..
and many many more..
i do not know where to start..

feel like i'm gonna break down anytime.

a complicated creature and also pretty hard to please most of the time.

can somebody please..
tell me what to do.



kenwooi said...

if i were you, i'll either sleep or eat.. cheer up! =)

Jane said...

U're not alone. I think about things too, bout life, human, money, everything. And in the end, it just made me felt so emo. So don't let these things bring you down. Humans are indeed complicated, nothing is perfect and we cannot do anything about it and to cheer ourselves, think of the good things in life. it'll help ;)

Jocelyn said...

Kenwooi : Thank you :)

Jane : Hey girl, thanks for the advice. *hugs*

Kayden said...

Whatever happens. one thing for you to know. is that i always love you. Although i seem to be the trouble for all the problems i suppose.

Jerine said...

I'm having the same thoughts too. Sometimes I find that I can never understand what other people think. And it's so hard to please people. I know I don't have to, but it's just nice to make everyone around me happy. But yet, things get backfired. I wish you're on MSN now. Feel like talking to you.

Jocelyn said...

dear : :)

Jerine : yea, i agree that it's nice to see everyone around be happy. and too bad i can't log on to my msn when i'm at work. so i will only be available on msn when i am home tat is like after 8pm? :(