Friday, November 7, 2008

problems at work..

Work has been rather dull and boring these days.. sales not as good compared to a month before. *sighs*

Went to have lunch with clement today and suddenly our conversation is about "Work Politics". He talked to me about this issue as there are some problems among us (the counter staffs) recently. Problems like.. backstabbing, unhelpful, inconsiderate, selfish, etc.

Well, frankly speaking, i'm feeling rather emotional while typing this entry.. Hmm.. feeling a little angry.. frustrated.. disappointed.. and i really feel like punching someone RIGHT IN THE FACE! Yeah, that's what i feel like doing right now to vent my frustrations. *SCREAMS*

Something happened to me just now before i knock off from work. I just don't understand why tat person just like to act so selfishly. Taking that kinda salary but don't wanna do her part properly. I really feel so disgusted with what she said to me. PISSES ME OFF!

Do not wish to blog it out in detail as there might be some colleagues reading this entry and it might cause some misunderstanding or unhappiness between us. you won't know the person you trust most might be the selfish bastard who is trying to destroy you from behind. there are bound to be some hypocrites lying down somewhere in the corner around the office. you get what i mean? right now, I just want to blog out my feelings so that i will be able to forget about what happened just now. Just like wat clement said to me.. "One must be broad hearted, just forgive and forget." I listened to him cos i knew him for quite a long time liao. So my own theory is.. "One must be able to forgive and forget in order to walk a smoother path that lies ahead of you. Once the path is smooth, there will be nothing to trip you fall and then, u will always be one step closer and faster to success." right?


Ok, forget about those unhappy things already.

Went to buy my Sony Ericsson C902 on wednesday. YAY!!! *beams from ear to ear* signed a 2yr contract and the phone is for $298, but i've got a $100 voucher so i'm paying my phone for only $198 ~ weeeeeeeeeets! Starting to fall in love with the phone's camera functions (yes i know, i'm a cam whore) especially the "Best Pic" function. haha !

I wish tomorrow will be better...


Calvin88 said...

Just dropping by..

Lots of emotions in the blog...

Same over in my workplace too... sales really creeping.. but i guess my office politics not that evident.

But just try to keep things positive & smile.

Calvin J.

Jocelyn said...

hey ! thanks calvin.

i'm trying to stay positive and yea, i'll smile definitely! :D

Calvin88 said...


got to lor.. what to do...

like this last month & this month - sales really slow..

if not positive - producity will drop & sure even worst...

I find if u focus on ppl's happiness - u'll feel happy too..

Its contagous - try it ^ ^

Christine said...

Silly girl, things like this happen and the most important thing is to have friends who genuinely care for you, you know? At least you have people to talk to and confide in office :) So Jiayou! Life is not all just about work, when things are bad for awhile, tell yourself that it is going to stay just that little while, cos without fail, winter always turn into spring. What is important is to be positive (tt's wat others tell me too)and be yourself. As long as you do nothing against your conscience, then there is really nothing to be worried of. I am not a person good with spoken words, always kena misunderstood by others who dun like me :( But hope you understand what I am trying to say. You are my friend, and I know you've been through the hard and tough way like I did. So, lets Jiayou and be positive, ultimately the environment will change accordingly. I am sure of this cause-&-effect philosophy :)

- Christine

Jocelyn said...

thanks christine ! *hugs*

i noe u're somehow facing some tough times in office recently.. cheer up too alrite?

we can make it ! :)

Jerina said...

Mm,what ever you are facing now is all part & parcel of growing up and growing mature. Take it with a pinch of salt and look on the bright & positive side. Just take it at face value and not read too much into it. Every one is just performing their responsibilities, we may view it as backstabbing, but stand on the other side, would we have done the same.
Anyway, most important, can you answer to your own heart, if the answer is a loud YES, then just carry on with whatever you have to do. Smile, the sun still rises from the east.