Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blame it on me!

yaya, go ahead. blame it on me.

Something happened at work due to me being careless. I admit i can only blame it on myself for being forgetful and didn't do the job well. I dropped an envelope with a sum of money into the safe one night after work forgetting to write the date on the envelope to let my accounts department know which day's sales that amount belonged to.

Initially, they told me that night's cash is short of $1125 and the receipt is with my signature. So if the amount is missing, the only person to look for is ME. yes, i cried over it cos i'm feeling nervous and lost. Cos i remember i did drop every single cent into the safe. So how could it be possible that the amount will vanish in mid air?! I spent my lunch time thinking super hard where tat stupid amount went to. and for this, i've lost appetite for lunch and definitely not in the mood to work for the rest of the day.

A few hours later, they broke the news to me that the amount is being found. Definitely i felt relieved. (Well, who won't?!) but then, new rules applied. We have to do one more extra step before we can leave office (for duty officers only).

Then the best part is here..

it's 8.15pm and i'm packing up my stuffs preparing to go home. Closed my drawer and stood up and Candise passed a casual remark saying, "It's all because of Jocelyn's one mistake and we're both (Candise and Karen) dragged down to do this unnecessary things for closing." Well, I know she says it just casually and she might not mean anything. But i do feel some pain inside. I'm affected with wat she said.


it's ok.. i'm FINE! maybe tomorrow will be better.


Kevin said...

Well, the truth is, people have mouth so they say whatever they feel like saying. Often what they say offend their colleagues and they don't even know about it; or they could intentionally have done it to make you feel guilty.

But no matter what, accept this mistake as part of learning on the job and make sure you don't repeat it. Don't blame yourself for what have been done; mistakes happen. If we don't make mistakes, we won't learn, right?

I've written a new post in my blog, something about human behaviour too. :)

Well hope u feel better now. Take care and keep blogging

Jocelyn said...

thanks kev :)

I noe she might say it out accidentally but i'm affected by what she said..

and yea, i agree with u that we will learn from mistakes and i will make sure that i won't let it happen again!

i'm feeling better already! :D

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

that Candise should not say like that ma.. duno is purposely or accidently.. if is me.. i also not feel nice of it.. but dont care them.. cheer... as long as money found then good liao.. haha... not happy come see my stupid face hahahahaha....

Jocelyn said...

Crazyfool : i believe she is just passing a remark and didn't really meant what she said tat day.. anyways, i didn't put it to heart anymore.. just felt affected at that point of time when she just say it out so bluntly =\

DON'T WORRY! i will be fine ! =)