Monday, October 6, 2008


oh my god... i'm now DOWN WITH THAT HORRID FLU ~ *sniffs*

kena attacked by the flu bug that is surviving in our office for quite some time.. first is karen, then passed to candise, then passed to June, then now i'm the next victim. *frowns*

Woke up this morning, i'm still fine.. just that feeling a lil' lethargic.. don't really feel like getting off my bed and everything was fine.. reached office and i'm ok still !! but when it is about 3pm, 3 sneezes in a row and the next thing is... RUNNING NOSE!! initially i thought it was just a normal sneeze then my nose just ran non-stop, running further and further away ~ so, seeing me sniffing away, sneezing as well, cleaning all the boo boo off my nose, my manager asked me to quickly go visit the company doctor since its only the starting of it. So quickly get the medications, take them and it might be able to recover faster.

Popping the pills make me feel rather drowsy.. totally no mood to work. feeling rather lazy and sick.

Just finish eating my dinner and took the medications again. I guess i will knock out soon..

FLU FLU GO AWAY ~~~ I hate running nose! *sniffs and sneezes*

hmmm.... or should i eat an apple tomorrow just like the say that always goes..."An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.." ?? haha!

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