Friday, December 18, 2009

The New Place.

First day of work..
I believe this is the day that majority of u will drag yourself to the new place..
Minority of you will be excited and looking forward to it.
As for myself, i felt a little bit of both..
I am looking forward to working in a new and better environment.. but at the same time.. dragging myself to the new place is cos I don't like the feeling of getting myself to adapt to a whole new environment again. I don't noe why, but personally i feel that it is tiring.
I even have a fren saying that she knows how i feel. She said .. "It is just like u're playing a game and forgot to save it, then when u happen to lose and game over, can't load the previous data and u have to start all over again. So i understand that having to adapt to a whole new environment all over again is pretty frustrating at times. I seriously can understand how it feels."
What a great way of describing right?
But anyways, i'm pretty glad that things went pretty smoothly for me. Partly might be cos i've got this trade's background. So catching up with their style and adapting to it isn't much of a big problem. In fact i am very impress with how they get the newcomers started.
First few days is always training training and more training.. To me, it's like going to school and attending classes. Trust me not, it's tiring. Everyday when it is nearing 4pm.. the sleepy bug seems to grow bigger inside me and my eyes can hardly open already!
Trying to squeeze so much information at one go to our small little brains is really very taxing. I've difficulties understanding some of the countries' itineraries that they are using. So.. i kinda pitied those young little girls who will be my new colleagues with no travel background at all. I bet it will be even tougher for them to understand if i can't do it myself..
After attending 4 days of "class" .. tomorrow is finally my day OFF!!!!!!!!
off day is a day to wake up late, a day to sleep late the nite before, a day to meet up with turkey bacon, a day to stay at home or go out if i wan to, a day to accompany my family, a day to use my computer to play games on facebook and stuffs..
seems like a list of neverending stuffs that i wanted to do.
i really wish tat 1 day can have 48 hours.. cos 24hr doesn't seem quite enough.
Speaking of which, u guys still do not know where i am working rite? Hahaha! cos i didn't reveal it in my previous post.
Yeap, I'm still back in travel line. But this time round, i'm working for Chan Brothers.
I'm officially employed by them, but no longer in the front counter..
I will be working in the Operations side.
Cos during the interview, i told the General Manager that i've been in the front counter for almost 6yr, i would like to learn how to do Operations stuffs to upgrade myself a bit and learn more things. But at the same time i also did mention to her that if they do no thave time to teach me or tinks that i didn't do a good job at that department, they can always transfer me back to front counter.. I am fine with it.
And surprisingly, she took my suggestion :D
She wants me to be attached to the front counter for 1 month.. to familiarize on how the company roughly operates before stationing me permanently at the Operations Department. :)
Working in the travel industry as a Tour Consultant for so long, this is the first time i encounter a company that actually lets all the counter staff, in fact the whole company will be off on Christmas and some other public holidays. And the eve, will be half day.
When my new colleagues and I heard this, we were like... "HAR?! Serious?!!"
Our manager was like.. "Ya.. Cos our director is a christian. So any PH that is somehow related to Christian, he will request for the whole office to be close and let all staffs rest for the day."
Tee hee hee ~ Happy!
Speaking of which, I wonder when is the company's annual dinner and dance or if there is any. Cos the D&D in my ex-company (Five Stars Tours) was very fun!
Kind of looking forward to it.
Working in this company has finally tune my body clock back to normal..
I can't even imagine myself dozing off on bed at 10.40pm last nite!
I hope i can blend well with my fellow colleagues there. :)


Your Darling said...

You will do fine dear! JIAYOU!!! muackz. love you always =).

Jocelyn said...

Turkey Bacon : Thanks dear.. for being there for me whenever i need u :) muacks!

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