Wednesday, May 12, 2010


sometimes it can be so frustrating when ur partner doesn't understand what u're saying or when you simply just don't understand them!!

so this entry,
just let me vent my frustrations out.

i don't noe wat went wrong or wat is not right.
there is just something wrong somewhere but you just can't manage to find where the problem lies.

there are times when u think he get wat u mean, and you tot u get what he meant,
but at the end of the day,
actually both of u just don't get what each other means,
and don't noe what each other wants.

what do u expect from them?
what do they expect from me?

do u noe?
i don't.

do they noe?
i don't tink they know too.

what brings one together with another?

what do they see in you?
what do u see in me?

love at first sight can be such a wonderful thing.

the kind of chemistry even science is not able to define it.

is one thing that you are not able to hide.

no one can experience all the things that one life has to offer.
it is only through sharing,
people grow.

put that aside.

this week has alot of hiccups in almost everyday.

even trying to plan for a dinner outing with my own grandpa and mother didn't go smooth.

it has always been the case.
people will only fault u when something didn't turn out to what they expect it to be.
but when u put efforts into something,
they can't see it and appreciate it.
they turn blind to the efforts and only remembers your fault.
you get what i mean?

when the water meets the fire,
who will win?

so much things that i wish i can pin them all down but i simply don't noe where to start or how to phrase them into proper sentence.

right now,
listening to some upbeat rhythms may be able to help to calm my mood down.

Do you know what it feels like
not to be heard
like your voice is in whispers
and not words?

do you know what it feels like
not to be seen,
like one of those people,
caught in between?

do you know what it feels like
to be alone
to call for help and no one is home

do you know what it feels like
to be haunted by the past
like time is moving way to fast

have you ever felt invisible?
like steel?
as if no one seems to know how you really feel..


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