Monday, June 7, 2010

True Friend, 1 is enough.

just got home less than an hour ago.
came back from a so called.. "problem solving meet up"

I'm seriously glad then i am of some help for my friend.
well, that is what friends are for.
isn't it?

friends should help each other as much as they can.
of cos within thier limits lah..

I always believe in ONE THING.
"What I do to people or how i treat them now, they will do the same to me in future or when i need them"
So that is why, i always try to help and provided it is not something illegal or bad.

This good friend of mine.. shares her joy and sorrows with me.. works with me.. been there for me..
I don't deny that we've not quarreled before.
Friends bound to have some disagreements once in a while and will definitely argue over it.
But fate still bring us back together..
closer, better, and up to a higher level. :)

This friend of mine..
how should i put it.
I tink she needs me more than i need her.
Reason being..
she is not local, therefore she is all alone in singapore.
She has no one to turn to whereas if i can't get her, i still have my boyfriend and family.
that is why i will try my best to be there for her whenever she needs me.

I really pity people who goes to a foreign land on thier own to earn a living.
I can put myself in thier shoes and imagine myself being alone in the room with no one to tok to,
no one to go out with.

Can you imagine being two-timed by some fucktard?
Being alone in a foreign country is bad enough.
Taking this as an advantage and thinking this girl has no one to turn to when something backfires..
cos he must have overlook that I WILL BE THERE FOR HER!

after everything is done and about to go home,
i told him, "play with people's feelings liao, should be enough liao rite? i seriously think u owe her an apology."
his reaction?
his face, with a very weak smile, shook his head and said, "No. I won't apologise." and walked away.

I only have one word for him.

It's ok.
Like what i said above..
I believe in karma.


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