Monday, January 24, 2011

When 1 + 1 isn't equals to 2.

no matter where u work...
there is bound to be politics.

you will be surprised to see all sorts of people..
some are even not the kind that u will be able to imagine they existed.

It's quite upsetting one one company has to split into two separate cliques.
it is like North and South Korea.
and it is really tiring when only one side is trying to blend in so that everyone gets to know each other better..

Even some of the new people who just joined in can also tell that the whole place is not very united.
you just wish you belong to another place..
a place that is really closely knitted.

there are also times when u see alot of people who like things "selectively".
these liking most of the times.. also apply to humans.

I don't only mean superior only selectively treats a few better than others.
even among colleagues..
it really do happen!

I'm not trying to mean anything..
but that is just..

And it really bothers me..
when other people asked me..
"Why are you all not as close compared to others?"

Are we.. that difficult to get a long with?

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