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Jocelyn & Lennart's Free & Easy Trip to Seoul, Korea 01/11/13 - 06/11/13 : Day 2, an unexpected twist part 2......

First I got to apologise for not continuing with the posts, too much been happening lately, first Jocelyn got sick, fever for a week. Checked for dengue, luckily it turned out negative.

 Then Jocelyn's Aunt passed away(my condolences to her Uncle and Cousins) we attended the wake and helped out whichever way we could.

Finally got the energy and time to continue with the blogging this weekend. To recap, our planned trip to Everland got postponed due to the wet weather, we made some adjustments to our itinerary, that's the advantage of travelling free and easy, you're able to 'mix and match' and play by the ear or in our case bad weather.
Personally I prefer free and easy rather than planned tour packages. F&E(Free and Easy for short) gives us the flexibility of time and we can choose where we want to go, when to rest, when to eat, what to eat, what to play, what to do and see etc. Till date we have gone to Korea, Taiwan(Taipei)on free and easy, booked our own Air Tickets & Hotels, planned our own travelling route, our own itinerary. We intend to travel to Japan and Europe for free and easy in the future, so stay tune for it! =)
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Anyway, in my last post after we bought the umbrella from 7-11, we walked to the Metro and took the train to Dongdaemun to do some shopping/window shopping at their indoor shopping malls since it's such a wet day. We walked to Myeondong Station Entrance 8, took out our T-Money, such convenience!
Walked to the train platform and took Line 4 bound for Dongdaemun. don't worry Myeongdong is not an interchange station, there is only 1 Line.
Their train carriages are pretty spacious, the common folks there are rather quiet on-board trains, no loud laughter or loud shouting. They are kinda courteous people, even when talking to each other they speak to each other softly in the trains.

Myeongdong to Dongdaemun is only 3 stops away, Myeongdong ---> Chungmuro ---> Dongdaemun History & Culture Park ---> Dongdaemun

We exited Dongdaemun and walked around the streets with our umbrella deciding which shopping mall to go to. Basically the shops there mostly sell the same things, clothings for guys and girls, shoes, socks, ladies accessories. Lots of ladies clothings, accessories and shoes, you can bargain with them at the shopping malls unlike Singapore, the prices are not fixed. Jocelyn got herself some new ear rings and hairband, she bargained them to a really low price.

Personally I feel that Sinchon Woman's Street items sells cheaper and the goods on sale there are more or less the same as Dongdaemun. I will talk more about Sinchon Woman's Street in our next post.

You can get really hungry easily in cold weather, it's already lunch and we decided to settle lunch by having a quick bite at their roadside carts. Makes you feel like their locals eating by the street stalls.

Getting bored, we decided to go explore Chungmuro as we chance upon some pet shops while on the Airport Limousine Bus to Sejong Hotel on our first day. We decided to check it out!

Took Line 4 from Dongdaemun Train Station and alighted at Chungmuro Train Station, got out from exit 8, walked along the main road till we got to the stretch of Shops selling pets stuffs, pet dogs, pet cats, etc etc.

 "How much is that doggie at the window? Woof! Woof!" haha very cute right these puppies, makes you want to buy them straight away and bring them back to a warm loving home.

We walked into a pet shop and decided to check out their beds for dogs, leashes and doggie clothes. Got Baileys a new bed from, a new T-shirt and leash! The thing about shopping in Korea is that they give you freebies, the shop owner gave Baileys a new squeaky bone toy haha.

 The rain is on and off, sometimes heavy sometimes very light, my loafers got all drenched from walking in the rain, decided to get a new pair of sneakers if we happen to see one. Something waterproof to shield my feet from the cold rain. If you realised while travelling in Seoul Train Stations, they have shops inside, some are after the gantries, some are before the gantries. Sometimes these shops have some clearance, special sale ongoing and they will shout to get your attention! haha, they got mine real good, 20,000Won for a pair of sneakers! Wow! so cheap! best of all, its all cushy inside, no hard corners or edges and keeps my poor cold and wet feet warm! Tried on size 9 which is their biggest and it fits! Haha!
A side note, for sales like this sometimes they don't have bigger sizes, tried finding for size 10 but they don't have.

Decided to head back to hotel now to offload our buys and rest for awhile before going to Nanta theatre for the show at 5.00pm.

Their operations hours are as below for Myeongdong Nanta theatre;
Monday-Friday, Holidays : 5PM, 8PM
Saturday-Sunday : 2PM, 5PM, 8PM
We got Sejong's Hotel Concierge to call and book the tickets for us in the morning before we headed out to Dongdaemun, 2 type of seats available, 50,000won for the upper level seats and 40,000won for the lower level seats, got them to bookt the upper level seats and paid the Concierge staffs on the spot with cash. They gave us a booking number which they wrote down for us. Only need to use the number to redeem our tickets later at the theatre.

Evening in Myeongdong Nanta Theatre and dinner to be continued in the next post..........

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