Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jocelyn & Lennart's Free & Easy Trip to Seoul, Korea 01/11/13 - 06/11/13 : Day 4, Highlight of the Tour! Whole day Trip to Everland! Pictures of the fun filled day!

There's so many rides to play, from excitement to fun to cute to kiddy rides. And my what a huge theme park! So many things to see, play, do, take photos and eat!

This is the first ride that we took! Spin spin spin! hahahahaha hin ah!

Lotsa of pictures to take at their walkways, parks and shops! hahaha

They have the Liger which only Everland has in the whole world! A mix between a Lion and Tiger RAWR!

They also have their own procession show at certain timings, makes you feel like you're in fairyland.

There are rides for couples, the family and kids

So many things to see, do and eat! But so little time! And it is time to leave the place, we'll be back Everland very soon! Thank you for all the lovely memories which we had while there!

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