Monday, March 23, 2009

body engine needs servicing.

alrite, my body engine broke down. currently staying at home today on mc. feeling very cold in office, shivering all the way even though i'm wearing long sleeves and rather thick. Can't stand it anymore so i decided to go and see the doctor.

Weather's been bad recently.. raining almost everyday.. causing the office temperature to be very low. The building central air con is freezing!

Like wat turkey bacon said, "a series of unfortunate events" ..

Yesterday morning, he came down to my place, had b'fast together and then send me to work. Had a very bad start in the morning in office.. following a cork up booking. From 11.15am, i attended the customer all the way until 1pm. After the customer, my mind went blank.

Feeling a bit frustrated and it's even worse when i got no money..!

Yesterday nite had a quarrel (again!) with turkey bacon. Rather serious to the extend we nearly went on seperate ways. But everything is fine again this morning. my bad temper is the main cause of it.


I really don't know what's fucking wrong with me not being able to control my temper. Perhaps it's the stress at work and the pressure of having no money at all.


Everything seems to be in a mess now.

*pulls her hair and screams at high pitch*

Feel so lethargic now..


The concern one said...

Dont worry so much... Everything will be fine soon. Bad times can only last for so long. After that Good times always follows =)look ahead *cheers*

Jerine said...

*hugs* hope you'll be fine soon. drink more water!

Jocelyn said...

The concern one : i've always been trying to look ahead. all along i've been trying very hard to.. but sometimes when bad things happens one after another, and it just continues this way for a long time, even the toughest person will break down.

Jerine : thanks! :) yeah, i will drink lotsa water. ^-^