Friday, March 13, 2009


Gaydies = Gay Kiddies.


Happen to see this video on facebook and manage to find it in youtube. Find it damn "sexy" so decided to post it up here and share with u guys. :p

Ya, they DEFINITELY look sexier than me. *laughs out loud*

Work as usual today, but don't know why the heart's not there. No mood to work at all.. *sighs*

Feeling more and more pressurized when people expects more and more from you. Being someone more superior isn't as easy as it seems. You have to balance friendship and work correctly. Being too close to someone at work when u're a superior to her isn't a good thing too. Let me give u an example.

  1. After work, the two of u are always very close. In fact the closest among all other colleagues in office. You're her superior at work. So when it comes to work, she might make use of the friendship and ask you to do alot of things for her when the superior actually has the authority to diseminate to people under her to do.
  2. Being her superior, you have something that is being passed down to you to inform people under you to do. You do not have a choice and so you did. Telling her the instructions, she gives you the kind of attitude like she doesn't like the extra work being appointed to her. She feels unhappy about it and showed you the kind of look like she's telling you, "wah lao! we're good frens then now trying to act like u can tell me to do things and you don't have to do it yourself!"
So, i really don't noe wat to do.. *frowns*
Sometimes it really seems so difficult.

Clement's advice to me.. "when it's time to be strict, you just have to do it."

Well, I'm already trying my best. I just have to learn and pick things up along the way. I can only hope that everything will turb out fine..

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