Friday, April 24, 2009


the weather's getting warmer and warmer day by day.. can't even sleep properly at nite.. most of the time waking up feeling sticky on the body too! *frowns*

something happened again at work.

Yeap, it's the 2 of us again.

Why is it when both of us are trying to give each other a chance to work things out to see if we can really cooperate under the same team and it looks like it can't be as smooth sailing as it seems. Unhappy things will always pop up causing us to dislike each other even more.

it's like the chinese saying.. "八字相冲"

BAH! it's just like wat she said.. WHATEVER!

Somehow or rather.. i feel tat i am slowly drifting away from most of them.. can't feel the closeness tat was once there. Out of a sudden it's like all are total strangers.

I've no idea why things will turn out to be like this. But whatever it is.. i tink i will just listen to wat clement and boss tells me. "Just do your own job, 先保护自己才来想怎样保护别人。"

These few days.. even turkey bacon isn't in a right mood too. is being emo a new trend recently?

Hmmmm.... i wonder.

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