Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a new pair of eyes

i'm going to have a new pair of eyes soon..
who does that mean?
yeah.. went to do a check on my eyes today as recently i am experiencing some blur visions.
so this optician told me that i am a bit short sighted as well as having astigmatism (or however you all spell it) .. my mummy was with me so she told the optician to help make a pair of glasses for me.

omg omg omg!!!

i can no longer say proudly again, "I PERFECT EYE SIGHT ONE HOR!"
no, never again.

even though its only about 100 degrees but my mum still urge me to wear my glasses everyday so that it will not worsen. Hmm.. how true is that i've yet to experience it.
the new pair of eyes is now in the making.. will be able to collect it on this coming monday.
hmm... i wonder if i will get used to them or not.
feeling kinda excited though. HAHA!
i noe, i am contradicting.


recently i do not noe why.. but can't seem to find anything to blog about.
let me gather my feelings
i guess i will be back soon :)

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