Friday, October 16, 2009

The Attention Seeker.

Today, i'm gonna talk about some people around me.. about thier behaviour.. and most of all,

So, to you.. what is an attention seeker?
How do u tink they behave?
What do u tink of them?
Do u like them?
Or are u one yourself??

To me.. how should i describe them? or how i feel about them.. Hmmm...
  1. they are emotionally immature
  2. selectively friendly - can be very very sweet to some people, very rude to others and sometimes ignores the rest.
  3. they will be cold and aggressive towards those who exposes thier strategy for gaining attention
  4. over friendly with new "targets".. especially in the initial stages of a new working relationship
  5. sometimes they are over helpful
  6. sometimes overgenerous..
  7. I find them very dramatic. - usually those "poor me" or "pathetic me" or "pity me" kind of drama
  8. they prefer not to resolve issues and let the problem hang in mid air in thier own life so that they can use or re-use them to gain sympathy and attention AGAIN
  9. they tend to make excuse for everything.. and the most commonly used is .. "YOU ALL JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!"
  10. they have alot of self pity situations
  11. very easily provoked
  12. they usually tend to make themselves look like a victim in bad situations by bursting into tears or claiming they are the ones being bullies etc.
  13. they will always try to do almost anything to be the main spotlight
  14. thier focus of life.. is to be the centre of attention
  15. And oh, they like to torture themselves to gain attention too. eg, burning themselves... cutting themselves.. committing suicides and other silly acts.
  16. Lastly, they are lonely people.
I don't deny that i am a attention seeker myself sometimes.. i mean, who doesn't like attention?
But then again, i really despise those people who tends to overdo it. :)
And yeah, after stating out all the above point forms, it REALLY DOES remind me of some pathetic erm.. Moron? Bitch? Retards? seriously i can't find a suitable word to describe them.
*burst out laughing*

i tried to search on google to see if there is any further information about attention seekers or if there is a way to give them a "cure" ..

And according to a Mental Help Website .. there is a line quoted that
"Yes, people can change, but changing established behavior patterns is not easy. It takes a lot of work, motivation and time in order for change to occur"

hmm... are u an attention seeker?
If yes, then are u PROUD to be one?

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