Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weird Questions Customers Ask..

I remember hearing someone told me ..
"it takes many different kinds of people to keep this earth turning."

but in my shoes..
i might wanna rephrase it to..
"it takes many funny and weird people to keep this earth turning."


in my line..
I've interact with many different kinds of people..

Of cos,
there are only a few kinds of people which will make you remember them forever.

1) The Funniest One.
2) The Weirdest One.
3) The Most Long Winded One.
4) The one Kindest to you.
5) The one Meanest to you.

Etc, etc, etc ...

I've been working since i'm 15.

I've worked as a sales assistant before.. as a cashier in a snookerium .. a few months as an admin staff (which i don't cut out for that job. I HATE PAPER WORK!) .. and now lastly.. i'm stuck in travel line.

So now..
I will try to think about a few of my customers who is the most suitable for the few categories that i've stated above.

So let's start with the other way round, counting down basis.

5) The Meanest One.

The meanest customer that i met is a guy erm.. let's name him Mr. "C". I think only my manager and a few of my colleagues will know his full name. Well, he is wheelchair bound. He is very boastful. He is very stubborn and can't get facts into his head. He is very proud cos he keeps boasting that he USED TO BE serve as the chairman of bla bla bla company and his wife is a full bright scholar or whatever shit and so on and so forth. Then he added one more sentence saying, "I don't think a lowly staff like you being insolent will be equally qualified to speak to me this way."
BUT! that is "USED TO BE".
Yeah, he typed all those in an email and trying to be hard on one of my team members.
He even mentioned to us that if we are not able to fulfill whichever that is stated in the email, we need to face the legal consequences and shits like that.
the most hilarious thing in the email is when he ask for the "FOOD MENU" being served throughout the trip that he will be going.
Can someone tickle me on my armpits and make me laugh please?!
I don't see how he can be served as a Chairman or being a husband of a Full bright Scholar to ask this kind of stupid nonsensical question?
It is either he has nothing better to do, or he never travel before.
Actually there is still a longer story to this fella, but i shall stop here before all of you gets turn off about him.

4) The one Kindest to you.

There are a few customers who are very kind to me.
For example, one customer whom i just led to Vietnam.
She is Alice.
One of her words touched me when she said,
"When i go into my hotel room, i feel a bit creepy .. and the first person i think of is you. Cos i worried you're sleeping alone and you will feel scared."
and that is not all..
she even rang to my room one night and asked nicely..
"Jocelyn, you sleeping already? If you can't sleep just call me ok? I will accompany you to chit chat."

Ok lah.. there are still a few more ..
but this post will be too wordy if i name out all of them.

3) The Most Long Winded One.

This award will have to go to people who are not able to make up their mind where they wish to go..
Then they will end up asking you the whole globe thinking that you're some Travel Encyclopedia.
Hogged you for 2hrs full of questions and ended up not booking anything definitely spoils your mood.

2) The Weirdest One.

Weird people are everywhere I must say.
They even asked the weirdest questions that you will never imagine!!
It's very easy to find one.
Today i've already met one.
He called and asked..
"Er.. I ask you ah.. Vietnam now is it got a lot of mosquito now? How many ah? Really a lot ah?"
i was like.. WTF?
did I hear wrongly or did he really ask me HOW MANY MOSQUITOES are there in Vietnam?
So now i know.. the next tour lead i need to buy some mosquito detector to calculate how many exactly are there.
Another question i've come across is..
"Eh, Miss ah. I go this Taiwan package hor.. I should bring my own panties or bring the disposable underwear ah?"
That is your own hygiene stuffs! How i know which one suits you better wor.. -___-"

And lastly..

1) The Funniest One.

So .. let me show you the exact scenario.
Read it and tell me how will you react to this question.. see if you will react like how i do or not. :p

Malay Uncle : EH GIRL! I ASK U AH ~ Aeroplane inside, GOT AIRCON OR NOT AH?!

Stunned me : Erm.. Uncle.. You think the air stewardess will let you open the windows then blow the clouds ah?

Malay Uncle : Alamak ~!! How i know sial? Bus also got AIRCON and NON-AIRCON what..

Me : Eh, Uncle uncle!! I ask you ah. The bus can fly or not?

Malay Uncle become speechless and walks out of the door.


ken said...

different people, different personalities =)

Jocelyn said...

Ken : yeap yeap. that is what makes every individual special in their own ways. :)

Kev said...

Hi Jocelyn... I love the last one... it's the JOKE of the Year! :-)