Monday, September 20, 2010



What does this word mean to you?

To a child, "friend" is only a word.
But to a grown up, it is the meaning of the word that counts.

Recently, I've seen some ugly sides of people.
Ugly to the extent i am slowly shunning away from them.

I kinda envy many people who has close friends, true friends, soul mates etc..
All these, do not need to talk about the quantity..
Cos ONE is enough.

I have friends whom i was once close with..
but after a while, we drifted away.

The reason is pretty simple.

1. The longer you know that person, the more negative points you spotted on that person.
2. The longer you know that person, the more things you realise both of you are not able to come to terms with.

Actually there are many other things that will cause both parties who were once close.. to slowly break away from each other.

I, myself.. too.. am in this picture.

I was once close with a few people.
but only 1 or 2 still are good but weren't close due to family and work commitments.
But then when i need help, they will still be there for me.

And there are bound to be a few black sheeps out of that "few" people i am once close with.
and these black sheeps..
i drifted away from them..


cos i've seen enough bad actions coming out from them.

to list a few of them..
where should i start?

we started off being close cos we have a few things in common.
we can "click"..
we have countless things to talk about..

but slowly, things turn sour.
maybe this kinda friendship also have expiry dates like food.

maybe it takes time to show one person's true colors.

or maybe cos the fella is feeling erm.. *CENSORED*

Just like recently, i drifted away from someone whom i once called friend.
now thinking back, did i make the correct move by helping this person the other time.

Walking along a rocky road, fall down for the first time .. i would say this is cause you don't know that road is dangerous.
Knowing that it is dangerous, still wanna take the route and fell down the second time .. i would say this is careless and slipped.
Having fell down twice and STILL taking that dangerous path, falling down for the 3rd time.. I will say .. "SHE ASKED FOR IT"
and in chinese is called, 活该 ..

Alot of things happening and even the dumbest person can sense it.
a fox lying around the area will slowly make the whole place stinks.
which also means, the longer you stay in that area, the more person will see through you and loathe u.

On my personal point of view,
do things that will not go against your conscience.
If your conscience is clear, then why would people dislike you?
Think about it.

Whatever is yours, it will be yours.
If it's not, then it means it is not meant to be.

If you wanna own it, get it openly and graciously...
and not sneakily trying to put it into your own pocket to make it yours.
It will be as good as stealing.

Steal it and make it yours, make sure you don't get caught. :)