Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Should i even talk at all?

Today is like not really a day for me. Full of hiccups.. Feeling frustrated about alot of things. It all started with a question asked by me.

In the late morning.. received a msg from melvin, telling me that he will take half day leave to return early to rest. So, out of curiosity, i asked if the company will be unhappy about it when he takes half day leave out of a sudden. Then cos of this issue, we had a slight arguement. Maybe i shouldn't have asked the question huh?

then continued working and had a meeting with the boss regarding the thailand issue. Due to the political problem like riots etc over in chiangmai and bangkok, the number of people who booked to bangkok dropped tremendously. *sighs*

after the meeting, Christine brought up the topic regarding the sales report. Cos all three of us (Candise, Karen & myself) feel that doing the daily sales report is like doing double jobs. Cos the report can be found with the computer system. And alot of times, Fanny and Ann will ask me to print out the weekly sales report for them to key in all over again into an Excel File. So u see wat i mean by doing double job? Cos it's like... it can be retrieved fromthe system! And Karen even commented, "then wat is the system there for?" Christine then asked me if i brought this matter up to Clement and i told her that no point bringing up as the reply from him is kinda expected. And they told me that i should try. Ok fine.. i tried doing so.

Sat down at Clement's desk and I started the conversation..

Me: "Clement, do u tink we can stop doing the daily sales report?"
Clement: "NO!"
Me: "But don't you feel that it's kinda redundant when the report can be retrieved from the OB system itself?"
Clement: "When we ask you to do the report, we got our reasons behind it. Firstly, all of u can see how u progress everyday by keying it in a daily basis."
Me: "In that case i can print out the daily report retrieved from the system and give out to them and they can see from there already ma."
Clement: (open up an excel file with our report typed in) "You see, from here, we can see the breakdown of the package price, airport tax, fuel charge etc."
Me: "But according to wat we are selling now, 90% of our package price is INCLUSIVE of fuel charges. So how accurate can all this package price be?"
Clement: ...
Me: "I'm saying this to you is because i feel that all the counter staffs must be feeling very tired, having to stay back to finish their report even after work. Fanny even asked me to go back office early to help her open the door on a sunday when we can actually start work later because she needs to go in early to complete her report! So alot of time is taken."
Clement: "We asked all of u to do report really got our reasons behind it one..."
Me: "So what other reasons other than being able to see our daily progress?"
Clement: ...

So you see? He can't give me a valid reason. Then I knew this topic will not get a answer which i wish to hear.

Me: (stands up and going to walk away) "take it that i nv ask u this question before."
Clement: "So what is the meaning of this?"
Me: Nothing lah. Just take it that i nv ask u this before lor!"

The conversation ended with both of us rather heated up. So i went back to my seat and trying really very hard to control my temper before i explode. Called up Fanny to talk to her and at the same time trying very hard to cool down. But no matter how hard I try, i still can't hold back my tears. SHIT!

I dunno why my tears always rolls down whenever i feel very angry and agitated. my body will also tremble and my whole head will get very hot.. hot to the extend that both my ears will turn RED!

Both unhappy incident all started with just one QUESTION. it makes me tink if problem arises next time, should i bring it up and talk about it? Or should i just keep quiet and take it like nothing has happened.. What should i do to avoid unpleasant moments?

Should I even talk at all?


Kevin said...

Hi Jocelyn

I understand how you feel. YOu're in a dilemma - tell the truth, or keep quiet. Both ways, someone will not be happy. But what you've done is very exemplary. As an employee, you have done your job by suggesting and by showing your concern about matters that relate to your company.

Nevertheless, in the World of Work, often we have brainless bosses who are afraid to admit their mistakes, who are arrogant, and those who just refuse to listen because they're the boss. Read my other blog ( because i've just posted something related to work - frustrations.

Again, you've done well. Don't blame yourself for telling. Sometimes bosses act the way they act because they're pressured by a higher authority and they don't wanna get into hot soup by following employees' suggestions. I've a boss who is like that - very demanding and wants things done his way, but now that he's no more the boss, we wish that he's back because our new boss is bloody hopeless.

Well, this is a long comment, hope you're not bored. :) Let me know how things are getting on ok?

Take care and keep smiling. No point being angry for too long.

Jocelyn said...

Thank u very much Kev, ur comment managed to put a smile on my face and i really appreciate it. it really helps. :)