Friday, October 10, 2008

When was the last time...

Feeling better again today, somehow my voice is coming back already. At least not as sore as yesterday anymore. YAY! there is one customer who falls in love with my nails and keep bugging me where i do my nails today and say my nails are really really nice ~ *double yay!* :p

Actually I just got home not long ago. Heard from Yongrong that he got a cheap server for iRadio to let us host as and when we feel the itch for hosting. haha! so do check out for my msn nick if i'm on air to hear me DJ ok?!

Just finish my shower and had my late dinner. Things were rather smooth today at work except for one customer who made a booking from Ann came to make a big fuss out of one small little visa application issue. Then with a balance amount which she doesn't wanna pay due to Ann giving her a wrong information upon booking.

She's off today so the customer sat in front of me. Shouting away and not giving me a chance to explain things to her. It's like... Hello?! I'm trying to help u rectify things there. and you this old bitch is there making such a big BOOBOO out of a small little stupid piece of shit.

*sighs* Moving on...

Suddenly.. I feeling a bit emo again. Like there's a lot of things haven't been done for a very long time.

when was the last time u said u love me? when was the last time u buy me gifts of surprise? when was the last time u stayed by my side to take care of me when i was sick? when was the last time we went for a short getaway? when was the last time we sit down together to have a good chat? when was the last time.....

Seems like there is just too many to list out... *sighs again*

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