Monday, January 12, 2009

face it ! that's life.

currently feeling kinda down.. guess i am always the one who is not good with expressing myself with words.. I will always tend to use the wrong words and offend people accidently. Right?

for the above mentioned, i need to first make it clear that it is referring to the one tat is close and dear to me and not referring to the one tat is working with me. if u're reading this u should jolly well noe who u are. and i seriously don't give a fuck shit about u anymore. Cos all the anger, sorrows, disappointments or watever is u brought it upon urself. i'm starting to understand why when i am close to u, people will come telling me tat u're such a lowlife petty person. tsk tsk tsk!

i do not noe is it just me or does it also apply to any other pple out there.. cos i always feel tat when u're in love, u will be blinded by a lot of things.. u will tend to act childishly and always having stupid thoughts.. and most of them is rather unnecessary. perhaps when u love someone too much, u tend to be over protective and then ur imaginations will run wild.. and when u didn't get enough supply of attention that he/she will give u on every normal day, u will feel extremely uncomfortable and start to tink if he/she is not loving u anymore and some shits like tat. U get wat i mean?

i always have this thing coming to me so naturally.. things like.. "why is it only when the relationship just started then they will treat u so extremely nice like u're a queen?" or "why after u're together, they dun give u the same kind of attention that they used to?" or "why they choose something else over me?" and shit stuffs like tat. Somehow all these unpleasant things just fall in place so nicely after a new relationship starts.. or was it just my luck that all these are just pure coincidence? HAHAHAHA!

i wonder when i will go crazy. oh boy, i must be insane now already.

i noe there must be some people out there who doesn't like me.. but to tell u frankly, i hate myself sometimes too. hate myself so much tat i even have the tendency to kill myself.


whitez said...

it happens like u mention .. when a he / she is wooing the other half he / she will be very romantic and such.. after they officially start dating romantic things happen lesser .. it does happen during honeymoon period.. just take it lightly?

it happened to us .. before and after marriage.. i learned something from our marriage though .. who says before and after marriage is different!!! IT IS SO DAMN WRONG .. correct after marriage everyone has a different role to play .. but in a marriage it is a duty as a spouse above all others.. and i curse those who had told me before and after marriage is differnt ..

if you have a spouse who needs attention then give him / her all the attention he/she needs.. i understand correct u can be busy but a call once in awhile doesnt hurt? talk for like 5mins or so doesnt hurt right? if u're in a meeting ok understood.. actually i learned this .. my biz partners actually prefer to see me talk to my wife .. coz i seem so careful when im working im very serious..

everyone learns from their mistakes .. is how long they take to learn and fully understand where he / she go wrong..

take it easy and life will be fine.. so stay happy ah lian =x

Kev said...

Go ahead and scream your lungs out in the open field. Get a punching bag and hit it 100X till you're tired, but never take your own life away. Life has to go on.

Express your frustrations, your anger, and then let it pass. It will still hurt but not as much. Eventually it will go away.

It's like eating red chilly. It's so burning hot but when you take some warm drink after that, you will probably see tears in your eyes but all will gradually disappear. And it's not hot anymore :)

Jocelyn said...

whitez : ya, i curse those who keep brainwashing people saying tat before and after marriage things will be different. i'm ah lian ? oh watever. I'm always being called as one.

kev : I always feel very happy wheneven i see my comment box with ur name, cos i noe u always give good advice. Thanks once again!

whitez said...

lolz i mean ur pic mah LOL !!! ok la punky one hahaha feel weird tat ur shoe no more the 2 furry balls

Jocelyn said...

whitez : -____-" u like tat 2 balls ? u wan me paste it on ur shoes ?

whitez said...

dont want.. i just find the 2 balls cute dangling around the shoe .. well late le i better get some rest soon .. need to go for afew more meetings tomorrow.. and u better rest early too u need to work also.. =)

Jerine said...

in life you can't please everyone. everyone have their own preferrence. if you don't live up their preferrence and they hate you, it's really not your fault. and it is normal to feel that way (as you mention) when you're in relationship. when you fall deeper in love, your expectation goes higher. when you don't receive what you want from your other half, you'll get crazy thoughts like he doesn't love you anymore. it happens to me too. i suggest you to read the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. it explains a lot of things.

Jocelyn said...

whitez : alright.

Jerine : erm.... i dun read. >.<" LOL ~~
but anyways, thanks for the advice.. *hugs*